Sticker Removal from Wood Furniture

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How do I remove stickers from wooden furniture?

Sticker Removal from Wood Furniture

To remove the stickers from wood furniture, use rubbing alcohol. This should not harm the finish, but to be sure, test it on a non-visible area of your furniture first. Vegetable oil is also all very effective, but test first to make sure it doesn't harm the finish. Some stickers may also be removed by heating with a hair dryer and then peeling them off.



1/21/2009 3:27:09 PM
Olivia said:

Peanut butter worked on our hardwood floors.

9/13/2009 11:30:16 AM
Carolyn said:

You can also use lighter fluid. This stuff remover just about anything that is sticker like. I used to work in an engraving store and that is what we used to get price stickers off of glass, wood, counters, and never had a problem.


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