Leather Upholstery Care and Stain Removal

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How do I clean leather upholstery?

Leather Upholstery Care and Stain Removal

To protect the finish of your leather furniture, clean it with real soap products only. Clean with saddle soap, which comes in aerosol or paste form, or mix and shake Ivory Snow and water and apply just the suds with a soft brush. You can also use Armor All, particularly if your leather has any hard-to-remove stains.

Keep leather furniture supple by polishing every month with a solution of 2 parts linseed oil and 1 part vinegar.

Although leather is durable, it tends to stain easily. To remove stains from leather, try a specifically made leather cleaner, following the directions on the package. Remember to always test on an inconspicuous area first.

If the leather has become discolored, you may be able to use a leather dye to restore the color by matching the color as closely as possible to the original.

Don't try solvents or other common cleaning solutions on leather as they may cause irreparable damage.



9/10/2006 4:17:05 AM
Judy said:

Saddle soap is far too strong a product for cleaning todays modern finishes on leather furniture. Water based cleaners should be used which rehydrate the leather at the same time.

A good leather protector should be used which acts like a 'scotchgard' to help inhibit dirt and stains from being absorbed

2/1/2009 12:05:44 PM
Bobby said:

One of the best ways to clean leather i to use milk!


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