Enzyme Pre-Soak Product

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What is an enzyme presoak product?

Enzyme Pre-Soak Product

An enzyme pre-soak product is a stain remover that contains an enzyme which digests the stain in the same way that your body digests food. It works best on food, milk, tea, coffee, baby formula, juice, blood, body fluids and grass stains.



5/16/2007 8:45:25 AM
Pat said:

Sure, I know that. But can you name a pre-soak that has enzymes in it. I want names.

6/2/2009 2:33:20 PM
Connie said:

Hydorgen Peroxide will work also.

9/1/2011 11:36:37 PM
Serena said:

What I accidentally found is that anti-dandruff shampoo works really well in removing blood stains on clothing. I so happened used Clear shampoo by Unilever, but don't know if other brands would work just as well.


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