Silk Stain Removal

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How do I remove stains from silk?

Silk Stain Removal

To spot treat oil stains from silk items, sprinkle cornstarch or baby powder containing cornstarch on item, let sit a few minutes then shake off excess and brush with a soft brush or cloth.

To spot treat water stains on silk, use color-safe bleach or a mix of one part hydrogen peroxide and eight parts water. After treating the stain, hand wash using a protein hair shampoo and don't twist or pull. Handle the silk gently and hang it to dry.



7/29/2007 7:39:30 AM
Bob Black said:

Baby powder works great on silk ties. Have been using it for about a year.

12/30/2011 8:14:55 AM
Ashwini.T.Janagauda said:

Good tips.


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