Unshrink a Sweater

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How do I unshrink a sweater?

Unshrink a Sweater

There is no guaranteed way to unshrink a sweater, but I have a few ideas for you to try. 1) Soak the sweater in hair conditioner and water solution, and pull gently to reshape, lay flat to dry. 2) Dissolve one ounce of borax in a couple of tablespoons of hot water, add the mixture to a gallon of warm water, immerse the garment. Pull the sweater gently into shape, and rinse in a gallon of warm water to which you have added 2 tablespoons of vinegar. 3) Dissolve two cups of non-iodized salt in enough hot water to cover the garment. Let cool, and leave the sweater to soak in it for three hours. Wash it in mild suds, rinse three times, roll the sweater in towels, then reshape and let dry.



7/1/2007 8:50:05 PM
Evangeline said:

Wow! I thought that unshrinking a sweater was virtually impossible! This is definitely a life changing tip!!
Thank you :)

9/30/2007 6:35:04 AM
lisa said:

I have not tried this yet but will keep it in mind the next time I have a sweater accident. thanks

9/30/2007 6:08:31 PM
m brown said:

I will try these tips. I have a brand new sweater jacket that I accidentally placed in a hot dryer.

10/1/2007 8:18:46 AM
Donna said:

This is great if it works. It seems like a lot of work but probably worth it. I will try it!


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