Tar Removal from Clothing

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How do I get tar off my clothes?

Tar Removal from Clothing

To remove tar from clothing, the best remedies are prewash sprays, mineral spirits or turpentine. Be sure to test on a non-visible are first, to check colorfastness in the fabric. Treat the area, scrub with a soft brush, rubbing the spot until it's out, then wash with detergent and water.



3/5/2007 10:11:59 AM
Lauren said:

Gasoline or Kerosene works wonderful. Soak the spot and then wash. You may have a light brown spot where it was but the tar itself comes out and off and does not remove the colors from your clothes.

8/30/2007 3:41:28 AM
Carol said:

Spray brake cleaner also works well, soak with the cleaner for at least an hour,then Lestoil liquid applied on the same area let soak for another hour or more, scrub with a brush or rub together the fabric untill tar is gone. Launder with hot water, do not try in dryer. If stain is not gone redo the same process. I have removed lots of tar from clothing with this method.

8/30/2007 11:44:09 AM
Seigars said:

"lestoil" works great, but you need to repeat laundering to remove the oil. Do not put in the drier until all oil has been removed. "Goo Gone" is a nice alternative and it smells better.


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