Wite Out Correction Fluid Stain Removal from Clothing

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How do I remove a White Out stain?

Wite Out Correction Fluid Stain Removal from Clothing

You should be able to remove a White Out stain by using paint thinner or isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Be sure to test on the item in a non-visible area before using.



8/3/2006 3:57:15 PM
jessifer said:

Using alcohol does not remove the white out stain. Believe me i've tried it.

9/20/2006 2:38:53 AM
g said:

rubbing alcohol doesn't work on clothing...
however, if you got it on your skin, rubbing alcohol can get it out after some minor rubbing.

9/22/2006 8:50:15 PM
Janice said:

I tried isopropyl alcohol on my 7 year olds $60 horseback riding britches and, unfortunately, it did not work. On the bright side, it didn't seem to harm the fabric and now they still have a large wite-out mark on the thigh. That just goes to show that you should never spend that much money on a pair of pants for a 7 year old. Thanks for the tip....no harm done.

2/14/2007 9:01:15 AM
Kelly said:

I found that the rubbing alcohol removed about half the white-out stain from my wool pants, and I'm counting on dry-cleaning to do the rest.

3/1/2007 12:15:50 PM
Jessie said:

I tried isopropryl alcohol on clothing and a carpet to remove White Out corection fluid. I It had absolutely no affect on it. It's easier to remove pain than this product.

3/5/2007 2:25:10 PM
Jeffrey said:

I had a major white out spill on a pair of denim pants and I tried everything and the only thing that worked was Goo Gone, I set rubbed it in both sides of the stain and let it dry, then pretreated with laundry detergent and washed. This was a month after the stain had set, I was amazed. You can get bottles of this stuff at most Dollar Trees.

6/19/2007 7:46:27 AM
Doris said:

I spilled wite' out in the office on an expensive dress tried the Isopropyl Alcohol that we had in the first aid kit DID NOT WORK !!!

7/12/2007 4:11:29 PM
Jane said:

I read on another site to use WD-40, I haven't gone home to try yet, but others say it works!

8/13/2007 8:11:41 PM
Kenzie said:

Uhm unforintely
i was bored. and was drawing with white out.
and i felt a drop on my leg.
yes it was a BIG white glob of it on my pants!
i was upset
just gotten these pants. and i love them
ugh. im an idiot!

1/18/2008 2:26:06 PM
Lynn said:

I know you asked this long ago but for anyone that still needs to know. . . WD-40 sprayed & let soak a little onto the spot soiled/stained with white out works wonders. I had gotten a new bed comforter for Christmas and my 4 year old spilled the bottle on it hours before I found it. I tried oxyclean, alochol and detergent nothing worked. Days later someone told me WD-40 works and boy did it.

5/15/2009 1:47:28 PM
toto said:

I tried hair spray...It works a little

4/14/2015 7:36:09 PM
Laura said:

The alcohol helped but didn't get all the spots out. Oh what to try, what to try when I get home....??


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