Lip Balm Stain Removal from Clothing

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How do I remove melted lip balm from my clothes?

Lip Balm Stain Removal from Clothing

To remove lip balm that has melted onto your clothes in the dryer, place the stained surface down on pad of paper towels, spray with WD-40, let stand a few minutes, turn fabric over and spray the other side. Apply liquid dishwashing detergent and work into the stained area, replacing towelling as it absorbs the stain. Wash in hottest water possible with laundry detergent and bleach (if the item is bleachable) and rinse in warm water. Special Note: If the clothes went through the dryer be sure to clean the drum of your dryer to remove any remaining wax residue by spraying a soft cloth with WD-40 then wiping the drum. Run a load of dry rags through a drying cycle to ensure that your drum is clean.



8/28/2007 7:52:43 PM
Leigh said:

I've had that happen more than once, and I suggest a MUCH easier way to get the lip balm out. I use the aerosol Shout stain remover, and it is GREAT at getting out any type of greasy stain. It works like a charm, without all the extra work!

11/12/2007 3:08:51 PM
Kyle said:

Great advice, but just a warning that spraying WD-40 inside of a gas fired dryer is potentially *very* dangerous! Use a good grease-cutting cleaner like Fantastic instead.

7/23/2011 12:21:02 PM
Pam said:

I didn't know what that black tar looking stuff was on the dryer...I only noticed it after it put black streaks on my pillow slips! :( Thank you for the tip!


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