Ink Stain Removal from Leather

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How can I remove ink from my leather jacket?

Ink Stain Removal from Leather

An effective way to remove the ink stains on leather items is by using either hair spray or Armor All. Just spray the stain, then wipe it with a soft cloth. To be sure that this will not effect the dyes in your leather, be sure to try this in a non-visible area first.



8/25/2007 8:36:59 AM
Evie said:

Yes hair spray will remove ink stain, also from patent leather shoes. "Goo Gone" is also an excellent cleaner, it, removes the sticky tags from many items.

11/7/2007 11:14:27 AM
Valerie said:

hair spray or Armor All neither one worked

11/10/2007 12:22:35 PM
Becky said:

My son got angry and wrote all over my leather couch. This worked GREAT!!!!! Nothing else seemed to work.

12/4/2007 6:29:35 PM
R Smith said:

Does not work with permanent magic marker on leather.

12/4/2007 6:31:41 PM
R Smith said:

Does not work with permanent magic marker on leather
(Armor All).

1/31/2009 3:56:50 PM
snicklefritz said:

My sister used this method to get ink off of vinyl covered chairs and it worked. I've never tried leather but saw the results on vinyl.


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