Gasoline Stain Removal from Clothing

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How do I remove gasoline from my clothing?

Gasoline Stain Removal from Clothing

To remove gasoline from clothing, first place the stained area face down on paper towels. Apply dry-cleaning solvent to the back side of stain, replacing the paper towels frequently. Allow to dry, then rub in liquid detergent or dampen the stained area with water and rub with bar soap or detergent paste. Rinse then launder. If any odor remains, add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle of you washer, as this should take out any remaining smell.



1/23/2009 9:39:40 AM
Phisherman said:

Carbon tetrachloride or "Carbona" works well. Since this solvent is dangerous (if heated), consider taking the item to a professional cleaner.

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