Crayon Removal from Wall

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How do I remove crayon marks from my walls?

Crayon Removal from Wall

To remove crayon marks from walls, sprinkle baking soda on a damp cloth then rub gently. The baking soda should be gentle enough for most wall coverings, including paint and wallpaper.



10/4/2006 12:46:04 PM
Rosie said:

I have a better solution - Use Mr Clean's Magic Eraser. It works like a charm. This is coming from a mother of a 2 yr old who likes writing on everything BUT paper

11/2/2006 11:54:40 PM
NML said:

A fabric dryer sheet works well too.

11/7/2007 5:39:26 PM
Julie said:

WOW!! This really worked for Beeswax crayons! Took some elbow-grease but it really worked!..and basically non-toxic too! Thank you!

6/11/2009 9:57:35 PM
Bill said:

It worked great! Just a bit of preassure did the trick. It came off with a little effort. Wash off the residual afterwards.


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