Cigarette Burn Removal from Wood Furniture

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How do I remove cigarette burns from my wood furniture?

Cigarette Burn Removal from Wood Furniture

For a cigarette burn that hasn't penetrated the wood finish, make a thin paste of pumice and boiled linseed oil and apply it to the burned area. Wax or polish, working with the grain of the wood.



3/15/2007 12:40:43 PM
Ken said:

Stop Smoking!

5/25/2007 1:13:17 PM
jason stillwater said:

not helpful. it is only rarely, i repeat, rarely, that a cigarette has darkened only the wood finish on top of the wood. they usually damage the wood underneath to varying degrees. most people don't snatch their cigaretyte away as soon as they see it is damaging a wood surface. sorry.

1/25/2009 11:55:02 AM
billie said:

on the deck I have an burned oil stain and hot frying pan stain looks like a black ring. How do you clean it from the natural wood?


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