Wax Removal from Wood Furniture

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How do I remove candle wax from my wood furniture?

Wax Removal from Wood Furniture

When you get a candle wax drip on your wood furniture, first harden the wax by rubbing an ice cube wrapped in plastic over the spill. Then, scrape the hardened wax off with a nonstick spatula or an expired credit card.



1/2/2008 9:00:35 AM
Bruce Anderson said:

Good suggestion..... tried it on dinning table, used credit card. Used spray on furniture polish afterwards, no trace of the wax.

12/10/2008 2:14:23 AM
wood man said:

Sounds stupid. Why not heat the wax with a controlable heat gun and wipe it off with vinegar or amonia?

12/27/2008 2:32:42 PM
Migs Halpern said:

Excellent suggestion. Worked like a dream!

1/1/2009 8:34:16 AM
Isabel said:

Great tip! It worked well.

1/1/2009 11:48:25 AM
Kathleen O'Callaghan said:

Tip doesn't work as well as one would think. The best tip is to use a product called Goo Gone. This worked perfect and was done with very little effort.

2/21/2009 6:32:36 PM
Sue said:

My problem is that the citronella wax has seeped into the wood; there's nothing to scrape off the surface. Any ideas?


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