Baby Formula Stain Removal

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How do I remove stains?

Baby Formula Stain Removal

To remove baby formula, try an enzyme presoak (such as Biz or Axion). The enzymes actually digest the stain. You can also try putting unseasoned meat tenderizer on the area before you wash it.

Unfortunately, for items that have been in storage, the stains may have been there for some time and this may not work. You could also try a color-safe bleach to remove the stains.



7/28/2007 6:43:23 PM
Me said:

A bar soap called Falsnapth(found down the laundry soap isle) will remove Baby formula stains and almost any other food stain, even off cloths that have sat for some time(such as stored cloths).

1/1/2009 11:18:56 AM
Kim Lee Carroll said:

Will try it and also giving this tip to my family and friends with babies. I am a gma of 2.. Will commit back on the results...


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