Down Filled Items Cleaning

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How do I wash down-filled jackets, coats or comforters?

Down Filled Items Cleaning

Down filled jackets, coats and comforters are machine washable, as long as the outer shell fabric is, so it is important to check the label first. If the label recommends dry-cleaning, this might be a good idea. If it is okay to wash, be sure to mend any rips and tears first, as the down will push through even the tiniest of holes. Wash in warm water, distributing the bulk around the agitator, and balance the load with bath towels if necessary. To dry your garment, tumble at a low setting with tennis balls or a clean shoe in your dryer to help fluff up the down. Never air dry, as the down will flatten and lump.



9/28/2007 4:14:39 AM
Rose said:

I stepped in fat dripping from the grill and tracked it through the Mohawk raw silk carpet in my house. I have tried dawn & water and tried to sponge up the mess with towels that did not lift the stain much.
I tried baking soda that did not help. help! brand new carpet ruined.

9/28/2007 10:59:04 AM
Oceabrz said:

Good tip...this should apply to feather beds also? You know, those things that go on top of the mattress and under the sheet to make it soft.

9/28/2007 8:12:33 PM
Betsy said:

This works like a dream! No need to waste money on dry cleaning.

9/28/2007 10:44:44 PM
dont like laundrh said:

If you think you need to go through this much of an issue wouldn't it be easier to have a dry cleaner deal with it.

10/2/2007 1:16:33 PM
Bethany said:

This was very helpful. I have a down pillow that was my grandmothers. When her mother died there were six girls and they each had a pillow made from thier mother down mattress. That was years ago and i didnt know how to clean it. Thank you


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