Preventing Scratches on Wood Floors

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How do I prevent floor scratches when moving large furniture?

Preventing Scratches on Wood Floors

When moving large furniture, slip a small scatter rug under heavy furniture to prevent scratching the floor and to make it easier to move. Also, try placing old socks on furniture legs when rearranging a room.



4/30/2007 8:04:38 AM
Louise said:

Be sure to use something thick (like the scatter rug)to put under the legs of the heavy furniture.

Some girl friends and I worked together last summer to paint a dining room. We were able to lift an empty breakfront out of the room together, but when one fewer of us was present at the end of the project, we put and old sheet under the legs of the breakfront and slid it back into position. Unfortunately, the sheet was not thick enough and the floor was scratched. Removing the scratch was not as much fun as repainting the room!


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