Mystery Stain Removal from Clothing

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How do I remove stains?

Mystery Stain Removal from Clothing

For stains of an unknown origin, try following these steps: First, rinse the stain in cold water. Pretreat it with a prewash, then rinse again. Now wash the garment with an all fabric bleach, in water that's as hot as the manufacturer recommends, adding extra detergent. Let it are dry and if the stain is still there, soak in cold water for 1/2 hour. Sponge it with a cleaning solvent, let it sit for 5 minutes and then rinse again. Repeat all of the above if the stain persists.



7/18/2007 8:43:40 AM
mscott said:

you would have to really like the garment to go to all that trouble

7/19/2007 12:37:15 PM
ibarrington said:

What do you recommend as a cleaning solvent, and where can it be bought? I can't seem to find anything that is technically a cleaning solvent in the grocery stores or the hardwares. I tried to buy some from the dry cleaners and they said they couldn't do that for fear of any liability.

7/19/2007 8:25:26 PM
drmcrz1 said:

After soaking in the cold water, put some hydrogen peroxide on it before you wash the garment. It helps take out the stain without harming the colors in the cloth


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