What Are The Healthiest Cleaning Products?

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What Are The Healthiest Cleaning Products?

Unfortunately, many of the store bought cleaning products under your sink contain chemicals and additives that have been proven to have negative effects on your health as well as the environment. Luckily, there are many safe, effective (and edible!) cleaning supplies already in your pantry. The following is a quick look at the best natural cleaning products.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has been known as an all-purpose cleaner for generations. It does a fantastic job on glassware, coffee pots, and even on the removal of red-wine spots from carpet. It also gets rid of stains from saucers, cups, and stainless steel, leaving them sparkling clean.

Coarse Salt

Use coarse salt to scrub copper pans and scour cookware. Simply sprinkle salt directly onto the cookware and wipe clean. For more stubborn stains, apply the salt, then squirt lemon or lime over the area. Wait several hours, and rinse clean.

Essential Oils

Mix essential oils like rose, lavendar or tea tree oil with water, and then spray the solution on bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Their anti-bacterial properties ensure your surfaces are clean and your family is healthy.

Olive Oil

Use olive oil to polish wood furniture or lubricate squeaky door hinges. You'll notice the results immidiately.

Boiling Water

Use hot water on a weekly basis to flush away dirt in your drains. This helps avoid clogs and build-ups that may end up being costly to fix.

Ideally, the kind of cleaning products that you use should be nontoxic, efficient, and effective. Natural cleaning products are therefore the healthiest tools in keeping your home immaculately clean and healthy.



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