Natural House Cleaning Solutions

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Natural House Cleaning Solutions

More homeowners are using green products or looking for natural house cleaning solutions without toxins or harsh chemicals. Those who are seeking alternatives to store bought cleaners should consider the advantages and benefits of using common household items to keep their home clean and refreshed. Natural cleaning recipes are simple to make, easy to use, economical, and environmentally friendly. The following list includes recipes for all natural cleaners and their uses.

Baking Soda and Vinegar: Add a quarter of a cup of baking soda to one half cup of white vinegar with at least two gallons of water. Cleans water stains and deposits from shower walls, chrome faucets and fixtures, mirrors, and windows. Two teaspoons of Borax may be used in place of the baking soda.

Hydrogen Peroxide: A solution made from one part hydrogen peroxide and two parts of water can be used to clean the bathroom and remove mold from tile and shower stalls.

Lemon Juice: To clean and disinfect the kitchen chopping block, rub sliced lemons across the surface of the chopping block to keep it fresh and free from stains. Resistant stains can be removed by directly applying lemon juice to the spot and wiping clean after ten minutes.

Salt and Lime Juice: Rust can be effectively removed by sprinkling salt on the area and saturating the salt with lime juice. Let the mixture sit for at least three hours before rinsing. Use the rind of the lime to remove
any leftover residue.

Toothpaste: Use a small amount on a damp cloth to remove water rings from wooden countertops or tables.



9/13/2011 6:24:42 PM
Careful Householder said:

The use of toothpaste to remove water rings from furniture finishes is a tip from yesteryear. However, these days toothpastes may contain maximal amounts of silica, and stain bleachers, either of which might result in more damage than benefit.


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