Dry cleaners secret

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Dry cleaners secret

Dry cleaning process is a process of cleaning clothing garments and different articles made of cloth without the use of water. Certain items which require a dry cleaning process will be marked with a tag stating “dry clean only”. This indicates that water usage for cleaning may cause damage to the item. The cost of dry cleaning can become rather expensive if you need a lot of garments “dry cleaned” on a regular basis. Each dry cleaner may charge different prices for the same process, so you may want to shop around in your area for the best price. And if you have a difficult item, stains or items needing repair, quality should be most important in finding a good dry cleaner. One dry cleaners secret is the article of clothing is immersed in a liquid cleaning solvent; this process is called “dry cleaning” because no water is actually used. One dry cleaning process includes the cleaning process of using liquid carbon dioxide as the dry cleaning agent, this is process is called “green” dry cleaning. Many people prefer this process because their clothes feel softer and there are no toxic solvents used on their clothes nor are there any toxic chemicals to be disposed of. But be prepared this process may also cost quite a bit more than another dry cleaner who uses a “regular” dry cleaning process.



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