Understanding The Dry Cleaning Process

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Understanding The Dry Cleaning Process

Materials that are cleaned with solvents instead of water have been through the dry cleaning process. These services are generally provided by companies with specialized equipment that is used to dry clean fabrics and dispose the waste in a proper and safe manner. Various fees are attached to this service and extra charges may be added to remove stubborn stains.

The dry cleaning process is a series of steps that are taken to clean clothes, quilts, and comforters without water. All items are inspected for damages and tagged with an identifying number. A pre-treatment to remove resistant stains is applied, and the garments are loaded into an industrial machine with a special solvent that effectively removes stains, grime, and dirt. After the clothes have been cleaned, additional spot removal is applied if needed. The garments are then finished with neat pressing, packaging, and folding.

The cost of dry cleaning is determined by a number of different factors including location, the cleaner's experience, and how difficult it will be to remove stains or make repairs. There are kits that you can buy for a fraction of the cost of traditional dry cleaning, these products allow you to complete the dry cleaning process at home. Dry cleaners secret cleans and protect delicate garments that are labeled dry clean only. Easy to follow instructions will help keep your favorite clothes smelling fresh and looking like new. No special equipment is needed to use dry cleaners secret, this product conveniently works with your clothes dryer.



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