How to Clean Oiled Wood Floors

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how do you clean oiled wood floors

How to Clean Oiled Wood Floors

Use only cleaning, buffing and oiling products that are recommended by your oiled floor manufacturer. Sweep an oiled floor with a soft broom frequently because any dirt can actually get ground into a wooden floor. Wipe up spills and any mess right away. Mop either dry or damp everyday. Avoid scratching with a vacuum by using the brush accessory.

For wet cleaning of an oiled floor plain water. If you want a little extra cleaning power, use only a capful of liquid oil soap per eight cups of water. Dip and wring the mop. Take care not to leave too much water on the floor. A soapy mixture can strip oils from the wood.

Your floor will appear dull after a damp or wet cleaning. You can buff after a damp cleaning. Wait for the floor to dry sufficiently after a wet cleaning before buffing. Use rotary buffing equipment or do the buffing by hand. When buffing or re-oiling by hand,



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