Toilet Cleaning

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When I clean my toilet, it seems that I'm just pushing the dirt/fuzz/pet hair around on the toilet and it never looks clean. This also happens with the porcelain sink and with my tile floors--even though I sweep first. What am I doing wrong.

Toilet Cleaning

Paper towels work really well for cleaning toilets. You can use a cleaning product first to wipe down the toilet and then use a dry paper towel to wipe up the remaining hair and dirt that is left on the toilet. Some materials, such as hair, wipe up better with a dry paper towel. By using one wet paper towel and one dry one you can capture all the material that is on the toilet.



2/15/2007 4:50:23 AM
Judi said:

Gosh, I do not know why I did not think of this. I have long hair that gets everywhere in the bathroom and especially around the toilet. This idea works great!

2/15/2007 8:01:42 AM
Ms. Kay said:

I found that using paper towels for toilet cleaning is the best. You use them and toss them in the trash along with all the germs they carry.

2/15/2007 8:23:05 AM
mary said:

I found this very helpful. Like the idea of throwaway paper towels.

2/15/2007 3:25:37 PM
tommy t said:

paper towels are great for cleaning eveything, plus you get rid of the germs.

2/16/2007 8:54:03 AM
speckrancher said:

great idea...i like it.


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