Removing Shampoo From a Car's Interior

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How do I get all of the shampoo my 22 month old son spilled on my carget out?

Removing Shampoo From a Car's Interior

What fun to remove shampoo from a car's interior when your 22 month old has decided the smell goody stuff is much better suited for the floor of the car than your head!
The best thing to do in this case is grab a compact 'multi-purpose deep cleaner'- something along the lines of a Bissell 'Little Green' carpet/furniture shampooer- that will help extract the shampoo from your car's interior. Typically, when you use these types of machines, you fill one tank with a cleaner. Since your cleaner is basically already in the carpet, only fill the tank with water - and then use the machine as you normally would for cleaning carpet or furniture. Depending on the amount of shampoo spilled, it could be a very frothy clean up- but your car's interior will have lovely bouncy body and shine!



10/22/2006 11:13:12 AM
Sheila Strong said:

My son is only allowed to smoke in his own room but the smoke comes under the door into the hallway and leaves a nicotine stain on the tiles. How can I remove this stain. I've tried CLR and other stain removers to no avail

3/6/2007 8:37:36 AM
PatB said:

Spray Dawn, let sit. Go back with hot water, and a microfiber cloth, it will just go away.


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