Act Quick to Remove Shellac From Clothing

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How do I remove shellac from clothing?

Act Quick to Remove Shellac From Clothing

If your clothing has been stained with shellac, you have to move fast or it will harden.

•Get a cotton wool rag and moisten it with methylated spirits.

•Dab the stain with the moistened wool.

•Next, go over the area with a soapy cloth.

•If the clothing is washable, toss it in to the washer immediately. If it is not washable, continue to go over the stain with the soapy cloth, rinse with clear water and blot the fabric until it dries.



8/12/2006 7:20:25 AM
gerald at abcfence &furniture said:

that is a great help

12/15/2008 11:44:36 PM
animated box christmas music said:

My Friends Recommended This, Amazing!

9/5/2011 3:04:05 PM
Rev. William Norton said:

Hairspray WORKS! I am the minister of a 100 year old church and the pews are original with original shellac finish and no cushions. Our church has only swamp coolers so during the summer the atmosphere is moist and quite warm in the summer. Add to that I perspire during the service and you have the perfect conditions for shellac transfer from the pews to clothes (a common complaint from parishioners). I have a brilliant white robe that is a polyester mix and during yesterday’s service I chose to come down and sit with the congregation during a portion of the service. When I got up from the pew, the sound like tape being pulled off a surface was my clue that something had happened. Sure enough, there was an area one square foot in size where the shellac from the pew had transferred to my very expensive (dry clean only) white robe. My wife tried hairspray, thoroughly moistening sections of the area then rubbing with an old tee shirt to remove excess, finally re-moistening with hairspray and vigorously rubbing the material of the affected area against itself until the whole affected area was a very light brown, then, while it was still wet from the hairspray, carefully completely rinsing the whole affected area (not the entire robe), blotting dry with a clean towel, and hanging to dry. GONE! The whole robe is back to being brilliant white. Now we will send it to a dry cleaners.


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