Melted Plastic Removal from Glass Electric Cooktop

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How can I remove melted plastic from a glass electric cooktop?

Melted Plastic Removal from Glass Electric Cooktop

Be careful when placing your plastic containers on or near a glass electric cooktop or you may end up with a kitchen cleaning nightmare. Acetate will remove melted plastic from a glass electric cooktop. If it doesn't work on the hardened plastic, try reheating the area to soften the plastic if possible. Reheating should make it much easier to scrape off and you should be able to remove the residue left behind with the acetate. Use extreme caution, however, as acetate is highly flammable. Scrubbing with baking soda may also work and is not flammable.



3/23/2007 11:24:52 AM
amy said:

I believe your talking about acetone. Acetate is a fabric

4/17/2007 4:59:04 PM
Brian said:

My son put his sister's plastic/stuffed doll on our Gas stove and now there is melted plastic all over the front glass door and the surrounding brass trim. Where do I pick up the Acetate from?

5/27/2007 10:00:33 AM
Lori said:

Thanks! I'm glad to know I'm not the first bird-brain to put plastic on my cook-top!

11/8/2008 6:20:05 PM
Bill said:

Another solution that worked great for me is to gently scrape off the plastic with a single-edge razor blade.

11/11/2008 2:29:06 AM
Ainslie said:

I didn't have Acetate so I turned on the hotplate melted it and rubbed with some papertowel got most of it off then used the baking soda.

5/28/2009 3:56:36 PM
anne-marie hodges said:

I used Wd-40 on cooled melted plastic, gently scraping with a metal spatula. Before the burner cooled, I removed much of the mess while it was still somewhat melted. When all the of the plastic was removed (rather easily) I followed up with a degreaser to remove the oily residue of the WD-40


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