Soft Drink Stain Removal from Carpet

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How do I remove soft drink stains from my carpet?

Soft Drink Stain Removal from Carpet

Anyone who has ever hosted a party has had to contend with careless guests. They don't spill because they're inconsiderate of course, they 're just having such a good time, they're not paying attention. That can mean only one thing. Spills on the carpet. If you're finding yourself having to remove carpet stains caused by soft drinks, you might be happy to find out this is an easy spot to remove. The last thing you want after a party is to spend a lot of time cleaning carpet stains caused by an overzealous party goer. Pour some vinegar onto a cloth and blot the stain until it's lifted. If you can't live with the smell of vinegar, blot again with a damp sponge.



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