Repairing Burned or Melted Carpet Fibers

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How can I clean a burnt mark from my carpet?

Repairing Burned or Melted Carpet Fibers

Unfortuately you can't employ the same techniques used for cleaning carpet stains as you would to repair burns in the carpet. In fact, one can pretty much consider a burn permanant damage. Before you toss your carpet in a dumpster hower, you might try one of these methods to remove carpet stains caused by burns. The first thing you can try is snipping the very top fibers of the carpet. If the burn is too far down in the fibers, you can cut out the burned spot with an exacto knife and cut out another piece exactly the same size and shape from a carpet remnant or hidden area of the carpet. Paint a little glue on the sides of the piece of carpet and glue into place. Hopefully no one will ever notice.



2/1/2007 7:43:44 AM
Patty said:

I've tried this and it works, the only difference is the piece of carpet you cut out should be bigger than the piece that was there.

2/1/2007 9:57:19 AM
mscott1953 said:

Very good idea but if the carpet isn't too burned you can use a razor if something happens unexpected.


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