Glue Removal from Carpet

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How do I get glue out of carpet?

Glue Removal from Carpet

Crafty people are usually meticulous with their work. Every now and then however, accidents happen. What do you do, for instance, if glue spills onto the carpet? Don't panic that's for sure. Cleaning carpet stains made from glue is simple and doesn't take long at all. Act quickly while the glue is still wet and blot with a warm sponge. When no more of the glue can be lifted in this manner, soak a rag in warm vinegar and lay it over the stain for thirty minutes. The glue should wipe clean after this time. If the glue has already dried, gently scrape away anything that's hardened using a butter or putty knife. When no more hardened glue can be removed, apply the vinegar soaked towel. If worse comes to worse and none of these methods for cleaning carpet stains work, use a dry cleaning solvent. Read the packaging to make sure it will work on your particular carpet and blot until the stain is lifted.



6/12/2011 3:10:13 PM
Ed said:

It worked pretty well

1/30/2012 11:25:41 AM
Ariane said:

Did not work at all, the glue hardened and soaked more into the carpet, worse now....I have a hard glob of glue stuck on the carpet.

5/29/2012 7:52:00 PM
Bonnie Campbell said:

My husband glued and area rug to the carpet with two sided sticky tape. When we took up the tape it left a black mark from the glue. What will work to get the black mark out of the carpet?


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