Gasoline Stain Removal from Carpet

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How do I get a gasoline stain out of my carpet?

Gasoline Stain Removal from Carpet

Spilled gasoline can certainly make cleaning carpet stains a challenge. Not only is it unsightly, but it smells. Fortunately there are simple ways to remove carpet stains caused by gasoline. If you're able to get to the stain immediately, blot until as much of the stain is lifted as possible. Once all of the gas has been blotted, cover the stain with kitty litter or baking soda. This will not only absorb the gas, but the smell as well. Leave for a couple of hours, or even over night. The next morning vacuum away all kitty litter and get to work on cleaning carpet stains. First try vinegar, which will also remove any lingering smell. Blot until the stain is lifted. A mild dishwashing liquid should work much in the same manner. Once the stain is lifted, blot again with a damp sponge.



8/26/2006 3:22:45 PM
gary lucchese said:

I first called a car cleaning co.,they told me to light a match (he was kidding) then he said the only thing I could do was remove the carpet-(some advice)
I'm glad I read your cleaning tip thank you !!!

2/3/2007 9:15:44 PM
Mam said:

When/How/Why would one have a gas can on/around a carpeted area?

2/26/2007 1:31:21 PM
Hannah Simms said:

love it!!

6/9/2007 2:15:54 PM
san said:

Great tip! When - today, how - in a gasoline can, why - bought gas to fill mower.

8/13/2007 4:15:06 AM
Jennifer said:

In a car . . Doing lawn work is what happened to us.. I think we may just get a truck instead :)

how/when/why would one look at this question if it didnt apply? LOL


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