Drying Area Rugs

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How do I dry my rugs?

Drying Area Rugs

Cleaning area rugs can be done much in the same manner as cleaning carpet. If spot cleaning and vacuuming isn't enough however, your rug can either be laundered in the washing machine or hosed down outside. Check your manufacturers care instructions to see if the rug can be put in the clothes dryer. If this is not recommended, hang it to dry outside. If it's too thick for clothes pins, try pants or skirt hangers to afix the rug to the clothesline.



10/14/2007 7:37:22 AM
Fancygoldfish said:

I advise against washing a room-sized rug outside with a hose and carpet shampoo. When wet, it is too heavy to handle, and it takes a week of hot days outside to dry. Even after flipping up corners of my rug to let air get underneath, it still smells bad. I've used several boxes of carpet freshener, but still cannot put it back in my living room.

2/20/2009 4:55:01 PM
narleyred said:

Another way to clean a big area rug is to pressure wash it. First spray it with awesome (first check to make sure that it isn't going to affect the color )then spray a light coat and let it sit for a few min then pressure wash hang over fence till dry works like a charm. Good luck

9/5/2009 7:04:48 PM
Phisherman said:

I have cleaned area rugs on a sloped concrete driveway using laundry detergent and household ammonia. For a delicate wash massage the rug with fingers and rinse with cool water until all soap is gone. Select a breezy sunny day with low humidity for fast drying.


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