Unclogging Drains

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How do I clear a clogged drain in my sink?

Unclogging Drains

Hair and goo can build inside your sink causing your drains to empty slowly, giving you something else to contend with during your bathroom cleaning ritual. Drop a couple of alka seltzer tablets into a slow drain and follow with a vinegar chaser. After a few minutes, rinse with hot water. Your drain will be as good as new. Would you like another bathroom cleaning tip? Baking soda will not only clear up clogged drains, but it will also keep them smelling fresh. Try this: pour one half cup of salt and one cup of baking soda down the drain and let it sit overnight. In the morning chase it with a pot (two to three cups) of boiling water.



7/23/2006 3:25:54 PM
Rosanne DiMonte said:

I tried this method in my bathroom sink. It is absolutely amazing. Sink works great, & did not have to worry about using chemicals that I really don't like to use. Great Tip!!!!

11/5/2006 8:54:07 AM
Gauze said:

I think its great, tried it and it works Thanks

5/22/2007 7:27:46 AM
Mary K Weber said:

I wish it helped my drain...I used 17 packs of alka seltzer with vinegar with boiling hot water over the last 2 days and it is still running slow!

7/30/2007 6:06:17 PM
Cher said:

I use vinegar with the baking soda instead of water. It bubbles up and works well.

7/31/2007 5:50:56 AM
Faith said:

Is this safe to use with septic tanks?

11/17/2007 6:20:19 AM
Chris said:

after putting the baking soda and salt into the drain follow it with vinegar and then with boiling hot water.

8/9/2009 12:18:15 AM
JD said:

i'm thinking about trying this on my tub drain which goes to a septic tank; is this an appropriate treatment?


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