Lime and Other Mineral Deposits Removal

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How do I remove lime buildup in my bathroom?

Lime and Other Mineral Deposits Removal

Hard water can cause lime and other minerals to build up on your bathroom fixtures and make bathroom cleaning a nightmare. The easiest way to remove lime or other mineral buildup from your bathroom is by using an acidic cleaner. You can also try common household staples such as white vinegar, lemon juice, or a cleaner containing oxcalic acid, which is best for rusty stains.



11/6/2006 4:36:23 PM
Donna said:

We have very hard water where we live. I find vinegar to do wonders in cleaning the stains away. Better then commerical made cleaners.

7/31/2007 10:52:56 AM
Carolyn said:

I found a product called The Works. It has bathroom cleaner, in a white bottle. A rust cleaner in a green bottle and both of these are
wonderful cleaners. The Works is the name of the products.

5/9/2008 7:42:43 AM
z said:

i moved into a house with very pronounced rings at the water line in the toilets. i have not been able to get them out in any way, including emptying the toilet and refilling with straight vinegar and repeatedly scrubbing the rings with scotchbrite over the next day while soaking in the vinegar. it did lighten their color, however, so they're not as visible.

7/12/2011 2:26:06 AM
Marcie said:

Thanks. We've recently moved to an area with really hard water and have been looking for natural & organic cleaning tips. I appreciate your suggestions.


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