Brass Fixtures

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How can I clean brass fixtures?

Brass Fixtures

Brass fixtures look beautiful in a bathroom, but with them come a certain responsibility. While polishing brass might not be one of the more pleasureable aspects of cleaning a bathroom, it doesn't have to be tedious. To get your brass to shine, cut a lemon in half and dip it in some salt. Rub this on the brass and wipe with a clean cloth. If you don't have a lemon handy, make a paste from vinegar, salt and flour. Rub this into the brass and dry with a thick cotton cloth. Remember this cautionary bathroom cleaning tip: Before using a commercial brass cleaning product, test in a hidden area. Sometimes cleaning products will leave behind a film.



7/30/2008 1:55:32 PM
Carolyn said:

You can also use KETCHUP! I know that it sounds funny, but if you have something brass that needs a little shine to it...put some ketchup and just rub it off. It should shine like new!

10/21/2011 3:04:22 AM
MaryLou said:

wow, that's very interesting, I like the lemon/salt tip best, I'm building my cleaning kit!


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