Permanent Marker Stain Removal from Leather Upholstery

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How do I get permanent marker out of leather?

Permanent Marker Stain Removal from Leather Upholstery

An effective way to remove the ink stains on leather furniture is by using either hair spray or Armor All. Just spray the stain, then wipe it with a soft cloth. Be sure to test in an inconspicuous area first.

Unfortunately, it is not called "permanent" marker for no reason, and depending on how fresh the stain is, this may not remove the stain completely and you may be stuck with the stain.



4/24/2007 4:30:05 PM
Peter S said:

I tried Armor All and it had no effect at all. Insurance claim now pending.

9/12/2007 9:04:17 AM
Jill said:

To remove permanent marker on a white board you go over it with a dry erase marker and it comes off. Not sure if this method works on other surfaces but maybe try it with an item similar to leather.

10/6/2007 7:16:15 AM
Liana said:

Just tried worked! Thanks!!!!

6/1/2011 12:06:27 PM
isabella said:

He quedado muy contenta pues llevaba toda la manana tratando de remover la tinta de unmarcado de mi sofa de piel , y probe limpiadores de para sofa de cuero , acetonas , alcohol y nadaaaaa y al leer esto fui y use mi aerosol del pelo y se fue toda la manchaaaa , gracias por este tip . siempre uselo primero en un lugar del mueble que no se vea para asegurarte que funciona y no decolora el mueblee una ves mas graciasss.

12/13/2011 6:57:03 PM
carlos said:

realmente funciona??


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