Gutter Washing

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How do I clean out my gutters?

Gutter Washing

Use a small broom to remove the leaves and debris from the gutters. Then use your hose to flush out any remaining debris. For tough jobs, TSP, hot water and a good brush should work. Always wear gloves when doing this chore to protect your hands from sharp edges. Proceed with caution when high pressure washing, as high pressure can dent the aluminum and/or remove the paint. Just give them a light scrubbing.



6/3/2007 8:55:31 AM
Bill said:

For us dummies what is TSP?

11/8/2008 4:59:22 AM
randy c said:

also you may want to make a change to the type of downspout that you use.. if you havent got a chain in that position. get one.. a simple shake of it and out comes the debris. also the water follows the chain and makes a gentle departure instead of a flood that washes away soil.

4/1/2009 8:25:38 PM
quincy said:

how do u remove dirt thats clogged in the gutter drain? Is there any type of cleaning removal product that can be used?


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