How to Clean Your Keyboard

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How to Clean Your Keyboard

Glance down at your keyboard for a minute. Chances are it bares the evidence of all those snacks, meals and caffeinated drinks you've consumed while dilligently working at your computer. However, those crumbs, spills and stains can interfere with the efficiency and functionality of your keys. Follow these steps to clean your keyboard.

Removal of Loose Debris

First of all, shut down your computer and unplug the keyboard if it is attached by a wire. Shake your keyboard in an upside down tilted motion to remove any loose debris.

Cleaning of the Keys

First, use a dry and lint-free piece of cloth to remove dust.

Next, use a cotton swab dipped in gentle isopropyl alcohol to brush the areas surrounding the keys. (Multiple swabs may be necessary.) To avoid possible discoloration- test the alcohol in a small area to determine its strength.

For heavily used keys like Backspace and Enter, scrub with an alcohol dipped cloth. The same cloth can also be used to polish the keyboard.

There, all done. Make sure your keyboard is completely dry before turning your computer back on to test those immaculate keys.

Caution: Do not use water.

This cleaning process should be repeated periodically since dirt starts accumulating the moment you put the keyboard back into active use. Regular maintence will extend the life of your keyboard.



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