How to Clean Your Computer Screen

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How to Clean Your Computer Screen

When cleaning your computer screen, make sure the device is completely unplugged and disconnected. It is also very important that the device be turned off. Cover the keyboard to protect it from excess spray or debris during the cleaning process, lest your internals and device get damaged. If you feel the ports may get damaged from excess spray or debris as well, use small pieces of scotch tape to cover them.

Cleaning the Screen

When cleaning the screen, do not spray any type of liquid directly onto it. This prevents liquid from seeping through the screen crevices. Instead, spray your cleaning liquid onto a cloth before making contact with the screen. When choosing a piece of cloth, try to pick a lint-free, or non-abrasive piece. A microfiber material works best. Do not leave wet spots, as this will leave to dry marks.

Also, when using any type of external cleaner, be sure it does not contain alcohol, ammonia, or bleach, as these compounds are known to damage some screen types. Also avoid anything that is acetone based. Usually water will do the trick when cleaning a computer screen, however, if grime and dirt has built up use a cleaner that does not harm the screen.

Cleaning the Ports

If crud has built up in the ports of your computer screen, you'll want to clean those as well. Like many electronic devices, compressed air is the best solution when cleaning the ports and corners, or any of the areas that can't be reached well by hand. Gently pull the trigger on your can of compressed air to release a stream of air into the cracks and crevices of the screen.

Do one more quick wipe down and enjoy your refreshed computer!



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