How to Remove Stuck-on Food From a Microwave

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How do I remove stuck-on food from microwave?

How to Remove Stuck-on Food From a Microwave

Microwaves are great for convenience. Heat up your food in a flash without having to use the more time-consuming oven or stove. All microwave users know that they can get really dirty, really fast. Try these tricks to remove stuck-on food from yours:

* Fill a deep, microwave-safe bowl half-way with water
* Add ¼ cup of vinegar
* Add the juice from one lemon, or 1/8 cup prepackaged lemon juice
* Place a damp washcloth in the microwave
* Place the mixture in the microwave on top of the washcloth
* Heat until boiling (about two-three minutes)
* Let solution sit for an additional five minutes in the microwave (do not open)
* Open microwave, carefully remove bowl and washcloth
* Use washcloth to wipe down the softened, stuck-on foods

This method works great every time, and you should hardly have to scrub at all. The vinegar and lemon juice contain acid, which when mixed with water help to remove those really dirty spots.



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