Clean Your Apartment With Lemons- Delicious and Eco Friendly

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What is a good cleaning alternative to the chemicals in the cleaning aisle at the grocery store?

Clean Your Apartment With Lemons- Delicious and Eco Friendly

Lemons: they're not just a good way to season dishes and add flavor. If you are looking for a quick, organic way to clean up your kitchen on the cheap, here are some ways a couple of lemons can clean your entire eating space!

Using lemons to cleanse the sink gets rid of tons of germs you might not even think of. The antibacterial properties clean out the inside of your sink, while you can polish the brass and silver fixtures with lemon and water.
If you are dealing with mineral deposits in your appliances, lemon and salt can also clean off limescale and other sticky situations, making your coffee makers and water faucets work like new.
Tackling food odors in the fridge, garbage, or disposal? Lemon acts like baking soda to neutralize, without the clunky box space.
If your dishwasher is not running at optimal conditions, you can run an empty cycle with lemon juice to degrease and unclog any unhappy blockages that keep your plates from sparkling.
Unlike water, lemon juice does not quickly conduct electricity, making it a safer alternative for cleaning oven and stovetop spills.
As an organic Windex, lemon juice cleans windows without the chemically smell.



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