Work With Your Mind and Save Your Back

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Work With Your Mind and Save Your Back

Starting your own home cleaning company can be both rewarding and profitable. This type of service does not require a lot of money to start. You can often times begin with $50 to purchase cleaning supplies or with the cleaning items in your home. Nonetheless, it is recommended to purchase all new cleaning supplies for your business.

Getting that first customer will take patience and diligence on your part but it will happen. Market your business at every logical opportunity. Hand out business cards to everyone you meet in your local area. Stop by, professionally dressed, to speak with all potential clients to inquire about their current cleaning needs.

You have secured your first client and now you will need to think efficiency and not labor intensive. Be careful not to over extend yourself, as operating a home maid service can be a lot of work. Vacuuming is often a given when cleaning a home. Save time but working in a continuous flow as opposed to crossing over the work that you already completed. For tough kitchen or bathroom stains, pre soak with liquid cleaners and let sit while you clean other areas of the home. Come back to it last and the stains are more likely to come of with out stress on you. Learning little tricks that you can use will help get the job completed in less time without sacrificing quality.



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