Cleaning Common Baby-Related Stains

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What is the best way to remove formula stains from baby clothes? What about baby food stains?

Cleaning Common Baby-Related Stains

Formula stains are very common to find on baby clothes. If the clothing is white, use lemon juice on the stain (undiluted) and then allow it to dry in direct sunlight. Launder as normal.

If the formula stain is on a piece of clothing that is colored, make a thick paste from meat tenderizer and water. Apply it to the stain and then launder.

One important thing to remember is that you should try to remove these stains as soon as possible after they happen. Do not put the baby clothing in the dryer or use an iron on them until you have tried all the stain removal techniques that you plan to use.

Soaking a baby food stain with vinegar (only white vinegar, though!) before laundering often removes the stains that are made from baby food.



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